Family Update May 2017

Greetings to all our friends! It is with gratitude and thanksgiving that we lift you up, our friends, daily before the Lord. Praying that the month of May was filled with much joy and blessings. The Lord is taking us deeper into the reality of the power and the importance of worship. Worship develops intimacy with the Lord and brings breakthrough in our lives. We have noticed when we look at the bigness of God, we can have hope for tomorrow and our faith is strengthened.

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Family Update March 2017

Happy Spring everyone! We have had a fun month! Thank you each for your prayers and for pressing in to what God is doing! We have thoroughly enjoyed the process that we are in and we look forward to seeing fully all that is currently unfolding.

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February 2017

February has been such a sweet month for us here at Camp Barkeley! We have had so much fun meeting with local friends and church family. We have been so blessed that God would provide a place for His sons and daughters to put some time aside and to seek Him. Along-side those staying at the land, we have also had group meetings, and have been involved in some awesome community events!

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