CB3 Applications will be open until April 15th, 2016.

Location: Iris Abilene: Camp Barkeley, Abilene, TX United States
Date: June 1, 2016 - August 10, 2016
Cost: US $2,150 tuition (includes housing and all meals) + $200 registration fee + optional $1,900 Kaleo International Cross-Cultural School (includes airfare, housing and all meals in Jojutla, Mexico)

Students interested in long-term opportunities with Iris Abilene and Iris Global must complete the entire 10-week school.

  • $2,350 – 6-Week Training: Abilene, Texas Portion Only
  • $4,250 – 10-Week School: Abilene, Texas & Jojutla, Mexico (Kaleo International Cross-Cultural School — includes airfare, housing and all meals in Jojutla, Mexico)

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  • Travel costs to Abilene, Texas are not included in school costs.
  • All denominations are in US dollars.
  • A valid passport is required to travel internationally.

Our Heart & Your Cross-Cultural Opportunity!

Iris Abilene Camp Barkeley is a global nonprofit training center dedicated to individual transformation through the gospel of Jesus Christ, the equipping and sending of sustainable leaders, and the stewardship of the personal, Kingdom, historical and environmental gifts that God has given.

Here at Iris Abilene our heart is to see you restored in your relationships with God and others, equipped with the tools needed to serve, and mobilized into the places God has prepared for you!

A core piece of our mission is to develop sustainable leaders. By becoming a leader in His kingdom, Christ gives you the capacity to ignite in others a passion to serve Him and spread His good news to the nations. We desire to create a culture of love and honor for one another. God has equipped each of us with unique gifts, and our desire for you is to recognize your gifts and use them to bring Him glory.

We yearn for students to learn God’s word, experience His presence and go forth in His power to minister to those in need. Jesus came with a ceaseless love for both the one and the masses. As His children we must do the same.

Stop for the one, but believe for the multitudes.

It is with this motivation that we have established our 10-week school CB3. Our program has been prayerfully developed to give you the tools needed to go out and serve Jesus for the rest of your life.

Specific information about our curriculum can be found below, but we are excited to announce our continued partnership with Catch the Fire, Restoring the Foundations, Kendall LIFE Languages Profile, FEMA Disaster Response, Global Samaritan and Love and Care Ministries.

We are overjoyed about two new opportunities that are unique to CB3. Our historic location has always challenged us in the areas of preservation and caring for God’s creation. This year we are excited to announce the integration of a sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship component to our curriculum. As a student you will receive hands on training in basic gardening technique, land management principles and take part in projects to preserve and restore Camp Barkeley’s historic and environmental resources.

Never before have we included an international component in one of our schools. We are thrilled to provide you with the opportunity to learn and serve in the United States and Mexico. After completing six weeks of study in Abilene, we will be traveling to Jojutla to partner with Kaleo International, a partner of Iris Global.

While in Mexico you will have the opportunity to learn from the experience of missionaries, get a glimpse into cross-cultural living, and begin to understand the challenges and blessings of long-term ministry. You will have the chance to bring the good news of Jesus to the streets of the community, to people in prison, those living at garbage dumps, and men and women trapped in the sex-trade.

Come be a part of what God is doing in West Texas and Mexico!


Iris Global School: 10 Week Cross-Cultural Training

Welcome to ten intensive weeks of Biblically based, Spirit filled training! Grow with other lovers of Jesus who are preparing to be fully used for His glory among the nations.


  • Serve others in Abilene, TX and Jojutla, Mexico.
  • Grow in the Father’s love by experiencing healing and wholeness.
  • Understand the necessity of personal wellness in ministry.
  • Acquire basic agricultural skills and recognize the believer’s call to creation care.
  • Learn how to minister to others in crisis.
  • Have your heart warmed for Israel as you discover God’s love and purpose for this nation.
  • Engage with outward expressions of the supernatural through healing and prophetic art.
  • Minister cross-culturally in a developing context
  • Experience the day-to-day of church planting with pioneering missionaries

ARE YOU HUNGRY FOR MORE? ARE YOU DESIRING TO LEARN HOW TO WALK WITH GOD IN A WAY THAT HONORS AND BLESSES HIS HEART? Iris Global CB is designed to empower steadfast believers to grow and mature in Christ-like character, resulting in the ability to release His transforming love more effectively into the world around us.

Components of Our Mission School

1. Deep revelation of the Father’s Heart

God is described in scripture as our Heavenly Father, but our experiences with earthly fathers can hinder the way we relate to God in this role. God wants to reveal the truth of who He is and His Father's Heart for us, his children.

2. Health, Wellness and Environmental Stewardship

We are passionate about equipping you with the tools and knowledge needed to make healthy decisions for your body and how to care for the world around you. The Bible calls our bodies the temple of God and in Genesis God commanded Adam to tend His garden. We believe this calls us to a high level of responsibility, and we desire to encourage you in your choices of personal stewardship.

During our school, you will have the opportunity to engage in various health and wellness activities.

We are excited to announce the new addition of sustainable agricultural training to our curriculum! Students will be introduced to a number of gardening techniques that focus on personal and community food provision and general creation care practices.

3. Engaging with the Holy Spirit through Prophetic Art

Come and spend time seeking the Lord, sketching His thoughts, drawing your prayers, and seeking out His heart through the Word and creativity! This class will be about:

  1. Focusing: Quieting our souls and focusing the eyes of our hearts on God.
  2. Listening: Paying attention to the promptings of the Spirit while actively reflecting on spiritual matters.
  3. Discerning: Taking notice of both the process and the content of our conversation.
  4. Responding: Doing something creative with what we are receiving.

You don't need to be a great artist or a theologian to engage in this class! You only need to have a desire to engage with Holy Spirit in a creative way.

4. Kendall Life Languages Profile (KLLP)

The KLLP gives an understanding of your redemptive gifts. These gifts are articulated through a life language profile. Our profile and course strengthens individuals and organizations through the development of communication skills and character. This development allows students to experience greater personal and corporate effectiveness.

5. Restoring the Foundations Ministry (RTF)


Discover how our integrated approach to biblical healing removes four key blockages to giving and receiving love. Experience love!

  • Discover Revelation: The integrated approach to biblical healing brings deep and lasting healing. Explore this life-changing revelation!
  • Experience Ministry: You can experience deep and lasting healing! Enter into the Father's heart to see your life healed and restored.
  • Receive Training: You can be professionally equipped to effectively minister healing. (Issue-Focus Training Certificate)
  • Become Involved: You can bring healing and the Father's love to your family, community, and the world!

6. Disaster Response & Emergency Management Training — Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

This 20-hour course combines classroom theory and practical simulation to equip students with the tools needed to appropriately respond to disaster and emergency situations.

(On completion you will receive a FEMA Certification)

7. Iris Core Values

Kingdom values clarify our mission and set our standards. This school will emphasize values derived from Scripture that lead us to find God, be humbled, go to the poor, depend on, suffer for and rejoice in Him. Learn More

8. Practical Outreach in Abilene, Texas

We have a strong desire for you to learn, but we have a complementary aim to see you mobilized into serving God wherever He calls you. As a step in the sending process, we have intentionally included a number of service opportunities. While at our school, we want you to begin ministry now and learn in a safe environment from leaders who have been serving Jesus for years.

In Abilene, Texas we are connected with a number of ministries that will provide opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need of His salvation and healing.

9. Kaleo International 4-Week Cross-Cultural School: Jojutla, Mexico

In addition to our Abilene ministry partners, this year we are partnering with Kaleo International in Jojutla, Mexico to provide you with a cross-cultural service opportunity. While in Mexico, you will learn about another culture and how they are serving and loving Jesus.

10. Post School Short-term Outreaches

After completion of the 10-week school, students may qualify for extended outreach opportunities with Iris Abilene Camp Barkeley and Kaleo International. These outreach opportunities will be announced soon!


"We are so excited for Iris Abilene's third school. We have had the privilege to be at the first two schools where Holy Spirit worked so powerfully. It is a privilege to see the equipping and training of love-filled fire brands being released in God's word bringing the Kingdom of Heaven." ​
Duncan & Kate Smith

"We love Norm & Angel Poorman. As founders and directors of the Iris Abilene Global Mission School Camp Barkeley they wholeheartedly train people to bring transformation to individuals, cities and nations. Students in this school learn that as they are changed from the inside, they have much greater capacity to bring change on the outside. It is an awesome school and environment, with an awesome team of leaders and volunteers. We highly recommend it!"
Wesley and Stacey Campbell (Founders, Be a Hero)

We highly recommend Iris Global Mission School at Camp Barkley in Abilene Texas. We know firsthand the heart and vision of Norm and Angel Poorman and have seen the transformation and healing that will take place in your life. They are creating world-changers!
Lee & Cindi Whitman (Executive Directors, Restoring the Foundations International)

The Global Mission School is committed to equipping the saints to make a huge "impact" in their little world. You will throw off some constraints that have held you back and move forward to being "salt" and "light" wherever the Lord would take you!
Dr. Rodney Hogue


What is Camp Barkeley and Camp Barkeley Training and Equipping Center (CBTEC)?
Camp Barkeley is a former WWII Army Base where at its peak 60,000 men were trained to bring liberation to Europe and Nazi concentration camps. Here at Camp Barkeley our historic landmarks include the Army’s 100-station rifle range and a newly renovated mess hall. We also have our Retreat Center, six dormitories and our Worship Center that offers a unique gathering place for classes and worship events. We have miles of hiking trails through 400 acres of manicured canyons and hills. On the summit of our property is a prayer center that strategically overlooks Abilene and the surrounding cities.

Camp Barkeley Training and Equipping Center (CBTEC) is located on 1,000 acres of land in Buffalo Gap, Texas. CBTEC is a partner organization with Iris Abilene and provides the housing and infrastructure needed for our school.

We are excited to welcome you to Camp Barkeley, for it has been sanctified and set-apart for encountering the manifest presence of God.

What will the schedule be like?
Abilene: Classes will be Monday through Friday during the day. There will occasionally be some evening sessions and times set aside for outreaches and other service opportunities.

This school is a unique time to intentionally seek the Lord. During the week, students will spend their time learning in the classroom, engaging in the school community and enjoying a time to worship the Lord, reflect on His word, and hear from Him. Being a more remote location, we provide times for students to travel off campus during the weekends.

Mexico: Practical outreach opportunities and classes on cross-cultural living and the realities of being a missionary will be held Monday through Thursday. On the weekends, students will join missionaries and local pastors on extended outreaches and conferences in different areas throughout southern Mexico.

Can I just attend the Abilene, Texas portion of the school?
Our 10-week school will be divided into two sections. The first six weeks will take place at Camp Barkeley in Abilene, Texas. The second section will take place at our Iris partner ministry, Kaleo International.

This year we will be offering the six-week Abilene training to students who are interested but may be unable to attend the Mexico portion.

Students, however, interested in long-term opportunities with Iris Abilene or Iris Global must complete the entire 10-week program.

Are scholarships available?
Iris Abilene does offer scholarships to those who qualify. More information about our scholarship program can be gained during the application process.

Where will I be staying during the school?
Abilene: We have dormitory housing with kitchenette and full bath amenities. While at our school you can enjoy community living and build meaningful relationships with your roommates.

Mexico: Housing will be at Kaleo’s base in Jojutla. Jojutla is a small town in Morelos state, about three hours south of Mexico City. Accommodations will be basic but functional. On weekend outreaches students should expect more rugged living conditions with the possibility of sleeping on the floor and using latrines. It is important to remember to remain flexible and remember that you will be serving in a developing context.

What if I’m married, can I still attend?
We have onsite housing for married students and families. During the application process we will finalize housing details and seek to meet any special needs your family may have.

Do I need a passport for this school?
Yes, to travel to Mexico you will need a valid passport.

Who are the directors of this school?
Rolland and Heidi Baker have commissioned Norm and Angel Poorman of Iris Abilene and Josue and Olivia Muse of Kaleo International (partner of Iris Global) to co-labor this Iris Global School.

What if I have more questions?
Contact our team at [javascript protected email address].

Local Outreach & Partnerships

Love & Care Ministries:

We are committed to working with local leaders with the aim of furthering the advancement of God’s Kingdom in serving the poor and underprivileged. We prepare hot meals and take them to the streets. We believe, blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Our heart is to demonstrate power and love to those in our local community.

You will be introduced to life on the streets. We walk out the life of the homeless and minister to those who experience this daily as a way of life. We go under bridges and into homeless camps to share the love of Jesus with those living in desperation. See http://lcmin.com/outreach.html

Global Samaritan:

Samaritan ships cargo containers all over the world filled with humanitarian aid, medical, dental, education supplies, food, and much more. Iris Abilene is a “hub” organization that gathers resources including people, humanitarian supplies and medical resources to minister locally and internationally.

Kaleo International

Kaleo is the Greek word for “called.” It is one of the strongest words for calling used in scripture. It signifies a call from the King that is irrevocable and irresistible. Kaleo International is a network of bible schools, churches and missionaries throughout Mexico and parts of Africa. Kaleo International is dedicated to raising up an army of believers who will answer the call of God to love the poor, heal the sick, and take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

For more information about Kaleo International and how they are serving the Kingdom, visit http://www.kaleointernational.org.

Short Term Outreachs

We will be offering extended outreaches after completion of school.

You are invited! Join us!

With much love in Jesus,
Angel & Norm Poorman
Iris Global Family

Contact our team at [javascript protected email address]

Iris Global School - Camp Barkeley | Sept. 2014