What an Incredible Month!!!

** What an incredible month!!!

God once again has expressed His loving kindness towards us here at Iris Abilene: Camp Barkeley. He has done so many things this month, from provision in many different ways, to just showing us in nature His majesty. We are so thankful this season for a God that loves to display His goodness to those that He loves.

For a little over six months we have been praying and asking the Lord for approval with the government for our first R1 visa, for our first resident missionary. After many scheduled meetings, and surprise visits, God has manifested His faithfulness!!! Earlier this month we got our R1 visa approved and our first resident missionary is now here and finally settling in! We give God all of the honor and the glory for this amazing miracle. Now the process for R1 visa approval will be expedited and we will not have to wait as long for missionaries to come along and serve here at Iris Abilene.

It seems like God is raising up an army of pioneers in this generation. Those who are not afraid to do the things that have never been done before. Within the process of accomplishing new things, God has a way of strengthening our character, and recalculating our thought processes with new perspectives.

Among that generation of pioneers that I mentioned, is a group called “We Will Go Ministries.” This is a group of fierce lovers lead by David and Amy Lancaster straight out of Jackson, Mississippi. Their vision and heart’s cry comes out of Isaiah 6:8 “Here am I, Lord. Send me.” With passion and compassion, this group serves the city of Jackson well. There you will find a coffee shop, a garden, a clothing shop, and many other things. They work every day serving the community with the confidence that the love of Jesus is being displayed here on earth as it is in Heaven. They have a heart and a passion to serve their neighbors in America than out of that overflow they serve the nations. Their team accomplishes this by remaining in a posture of worshiping Jesus. Often times Amy will say “It’s all about Jesus,” and she is right. Earlier this month we got the honor of hosting their team, and learning more about all they do.

God has been using We Will Go Ministries as a tool to bring revival and love to the city of Jackson. Love changes everything.

What we are thankful for this month:

  • Beautiful fall colors at Camp Barkeley
  • God's provision
  • R1 visa approval
  • The opportunity to serve our community through partnership with Love and Care Ministries at Mission Thanksgiving
  • The body of Christ
  • Plans that God has already prepared in the future


============================================================ What’s encouraging is that in the Kingdom of God, we have noticed that love doesn’t just look like one single thing, or action. Our team had the opportunity to partner with “Love and Care Ministries” at the end of this month to collect food, clothes, toys and many other essential items at an event called ‘MISSION THANKSGIVING’. This event is a monumental undertaking, raising an amazing amount of food and supplies, saying "Last year alone, we received 14 semi-trailers full of clothing, non-perishable foods, blankets, sleeping bags, coats, bottled water & drinks, shoes, socks, and hygiene items. In addition, over $140,000 was raised, with over 5,500vehicles driving through Arrow Ford to donate in just one day. This is an incredible gift each year for Love & Care and the homless and poor of Abilene." We are positive that we received beyond this amount this year. We really had the opportunity to see what love looks like for this community. Generosity changes the lives of those around us and we are thankful for this community.

We are so excited here at Iris Abilene: Camp Barkeley for this next year!! We will be having our next Iris Global School June 1st- August 10th.


  • Serve others in Abilene, TX and Jojutla, Mexico.
  • Grow in the Father’s love by experiencing healing and wholeness.
  • Understand the necessity of personal wellness in ministry.
  • Acquire basic agricultural skills and recognize the believer’s call to creation care.
  • Learn how to minister to others in crisis.
  • Have your heart warmed for Israel as you discover God’s love and purpose for this nation.
  • Engage with outward expressions of the supernatural through healing and prophetic art.
  • Minister cross-culturally in a developing context
  • Experience the day-to-day of church planting with pioneering missionaries

We are excited to see God equipping and mobilizing the body of Christ, and it is our supreme joy to partner with the Holy Spirit to see this accomplished. We desire to see each student grow in stature, and character. Are you hungry for more? Are you desiring to learn how to walk with God in a way that honors and blesses His heart? Iris Global CB3 is designed to empower steadfast believers to grow and mature in Christ-like character, resulting in the ability to release His transforming love more effectively into the world around us.

Applications are open now at ** https://www.irisglobal.org/missions/harvest/camp-barkeley

M (https://www.irisglobal.org/missions/harvest/camp-barkeley) ay you be encouraged and filled with joy and refreshed as you rest in the love of Jesus!! BE EQUIPPED, GET MOBILIZED!