Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!! 2016 is shaping up to be a dynamic year for Iris Abilene: Camp Barkeley. Our apologies for those who were unable to properly open our Christmas letter. To recap in brief, we are excited to embark on the addition of 3 more schools to this year’s schedule. Catch the Fire’s Leadership School of Ministry, Restoring the Foundations’ Thorough Format School, and Iris Global’s Disaster Response Mission School will all be held at Camp Barkeley in partnership with Iris Abilene: Camp Barkeley. We are also expanding our Iris Global School with an additional four-week cross-cultural component with another partner ministry, Kaleo International. And last but not least, we are starting up our Residential Missionary Initiative. The focus of this initiative is to give practical experience and further training in missions, and to bless and pour into our local community here in Abilene, Texas.

As we look forward to what The Lord is going to do this year, we also reflect with gratitude on what He did in us and through us in 2015. ‘…Not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.’ (Zechariah 4:6)

A year and a half ago, a word was released that the Lord was going to pave the roads at Camp Barkeley… and now, it is happening! His incredible favor has allowed us to purchase asphalt for only the price of delivery! This was such an unexpected blessing, and we are so excited to now have our main roads paved! When we think we couldn’t possible ‘do’ anymore, the Lord expands our capacity and does it despite where we think our limitations lie. In Him we can do all things, and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

In December last year, our leaders took a trip to North Carolina to the Restoring The Foundations (RTF) base in Hendersonville. They were blessed enormously by the ministry they received, and they were able to continue to forge relationships with this influential ministry that will be coming to partner with us later in the year to run our first Restoring The Foundations Intensive School. God is truly moving in powerful ways. For more information about this event or others, please visit our Camp Barkeley Training and Equipping Center website: campbarkeley.com

When we reflect on 2015, our new catch phrase is “You can’t make this stuff up!!” God continues to give us incredible divine appointments with people and organizations to further His Kingdom work. Partnerships are being consolidated and dreams that have been pondered and spoken of are now becoming reality with the establishment of our Partner Schools. The Lord is truly doing so much in our midst!

What an honor it is to be alive today, for such a time as this!