Hosting The Nations

The Ugandan children who made up the traveling choir group come from the poorest parts of Uganda. The children who are selected to come to the US are seen as potential future leaders, each one showing characteristics such as enthusiasm, ability and dedication. They come to share a powerful message of hope, give their audiences opportunities to help the poor children of Africa, and share the Love of God through their traditional dance and music.

The week that followed their talented performance was full of fun and outings. It was a joy to see the Christian community of Abilene come together to bless our precious Ugandan visitors. The children were able to visit the zoo, go skating and visit the local State Park during their time with us. A prayer was also answered with all of the children being able to get needed dental checks. The Lord took care of them well during their week of rest and recreation, and we were honored to host them.

Please join with us in prayer…

Last weekend we received the devastating news that the local Christian Service Center burnt down. This incredible ministry that has been operating for over 50 years serves Abilene’s poorest by providing basic needs and a fresh start. Already local organizations are rallying to get this ministry up and running again.

Christian Service Center was already planning to move to new facilities. We thank the Lord that furniture and resources, already set aside for this move, were and still are being safely stored at Global Samaritan Resources!

Please join with us in praying for this ministry and the many families who have been deeply affected by this event.