Iris Global School: Camp Barkeley Testimony

At We Will Go Ministries, Jackson, MS they started with nothing. They moved into a neighborhood with the intention of loving their neighbors. After being there for about 10 years we are seeing great fruit come from their perseverance to stay, even when it was hard. That inspired me greatly. It was also awesome to see that in staying, a ministry was build out of nothing. And part of their ministry has been built upon taking houses that looked like nothing and making something out of them. In doing so, they're transforming a community that looked like nothing and is now becoming something. Loving their neighbors well is their number one mission and as they do that, they're transforming lives. In every way they're taking nothing and turning it into something; they've done this with their ministry, homes and buildings, the community and the people. It's an amazing example of transformation through perseverance. Everywhere I looked I couldn't help but think, "this is what love looks like." It's a flagship for many other ministries that have the mission of transformation. It was also amazing to see the team of missionaries on the same mission together. They live and serve together. Over the past year of my life The Lord has been teaching me how to serve. Then I arrived at Camp Barkeley and The Lord taught me how to live in community. When I got to We Will Go Ministries I got to combine both of those things as The Lord taught me to serve in community. My time at Iris and WWG has been priceless. Yay God! : )