Iris Global School: Extended Outreach Testimony

Our team had just arrived from Abilene TX, 9 long hours tightly packed we stepped onto the inner city streets of Jackson MS. Within 5 minutes a drug deal went down in our face. It was as if the enemy was saying, "Don't think you can change this, I have them bound for life.” The team was surprised to hear my confession, "I'm afraid of this, homeless, drug addicts add especially African American men. I have been sheltered and ignorant and I'm here to over come that and learn to love”. So everyday for over two weeks I prayed and shook hands, prayed and hugged, prayed and was in face to face relationship with all of that, each person someone loved by God. James, George, Adam, and Sharron, Ilene and others with faces, and names. Someones child who for many reasons lost their way. Many of them lonely, angry and afraid life would never get better.

Clothing Ministry As I walked beside Andrea he asked if he could get new pants and shoes. If you don't have a shower you need new clothes often. Sundays after the open air church service many get the only hot meal they will have all week!

We went to a ministry called, The Opportunity Center, where the homeless can get a shower, ice for their water, and someone to talk to and play checkers or day jobs. Mostly black men, these guys were interested in talking. We always set down and ask them what they would like others to know about them? For the first time, men from this ministry began to cross town and come to WEWillGo ministry for bible study, church and receive prayer and ministry.

My take away I am wrecked by this powerful experience, being pressed to address my issues and let God use my little. Yes, I went to minister but most of all I was ministered to. I can not honor enough David and Amy Lancaster and their team. Their laid down love has changed me!