Iris Global School: Camp Barkeley Testimony

Prophesying & Declarations

CB1. A radical place of intimacy, requiring no holding back. "This last five weeks has wrecked my old life". I was describing the camp to a friend and realized It was a five week intensive care heart surgery. Each participant voluntarily applied, payed their fees, traveled and bunked with mostly strangers. There we became camp buddies and close friends, even intimate friends in transformational life. I was pressed to go deeper for His peace in unsettling classes created to go into uncharted personal issues. Each day another challenge. Could I rise to the challenge of others schedules, could I keep my grace and love when 'my' seat was taken, 'my' space was invaded again? Could I listen, taking in the implications of Restoring The Foundations (RTF) teaching and be totally honest and totally real? With no place to hide and no way to evade the issues of tight time frames and tight living, it was community at its potential best or worst. We walked the large camp grounds and spent more and more time in prayer and intro-spection processing the great lessons. Missionaries and those who desire to be, we were a broad group. From age 6 years old to over 60. Families, singles and married couples, the CB1 family spent 5 days together each week with occasional weekend excursions as well. Even our off hours were spent in smaller groups getting the laundry done, making our shopping trips work for many in one van or car.

One particular challenge was during a interaction session in RTF. I was asked to lead another student thru a sticking point of their life. Feeling the intimacy and the resistance I sensed I was unable to facilitate the situation. When I was challenged to stay in the situation my flesh cried out. I had to give up my personal fear and resistance to assist my new friend in her freedom moment. Wow. I went into prayer and 2 hours later was surprised how it turned out. God overcame my issue to help my friend.

We got to go deep quickly and received so much, IF we chose to! At the end we knew we were family. We knew we had had Gods fuller soap and Holy Spirit healing touch. We were living in new territory of our hearts, free of old clutter, old tapes, old hiddenness. Personally I felt the outreaches offered, following the school, were extremely helpful. Activating so much of the benefits of heart surgery were only experienced when the heart was put to work. Loving the lost, lonely and uncomely was proof positive I had been set free to love. To hear His voice clearer and follow Him in much more extreme places, these were some of the benefits of Iris Abilene. And now? Now I have a whole new global family. Laid down lovers moving all over the earth with their love message in beating hearts. So much more than I could have dreamed. Even our leaders, Heidi and Rolland Baker, commented that this was wholly different than other Iris schools and required a different message. Heidi went deeply vulnerable, she shared her heart in a fresh manner. We were blessed by this seal of understanding. We had become a community of love!