January 2020 Update

The Threshing Floor

Giving solar lights in Puerto Rico.

Building in Guatemala.

Building in Guatemala.

Needed donations to help rebuild Bahamas strong.

Word Spirit Power conference.

Guest speakers, Charles Carrin, Leif Hetland, and Jack Taylor - Word Spirit Power conference.

Camp Barkeley.

1 Kingdom - citywide prayer and worship.

Abilene has for a long time been a hub that attracts Godly men and women from all over the USA and the world for many different reasons. Some come seeking respite and healing, others come to impart faith, hope and love to the local church. 2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year!

This month we had the honor of hosting a non-profit group for a time of reflection and refreshing at Camp Barkeley. We deeply value leadership development and investing into teams and individuals to see them restored and ready for what is ahead! We also had the privilege of attending some amazing events hosted by local churches and 1 Kingdom. 1 Kingdom is a group of pastors and local leaders who want to see Abilene and the Big Country transformed through unified prayer, authentic relationships, and intentional mission. In January they hosted a citywide worship and prayer night called Exalt. It was a powerful time of standing as a united front to thank the Lord for what He has done in 2019, and stand in agreement for good things to come for 2020! Some of our team also had the privilege of attending the Word Spirit Power conference hosted at Beltway Park Church. Jack Taylor, Charles Carrin, and Leif Hetland were all guest speakers who walk in both wisdom and experience when it comes to the Word of God and the authentic movement and power of the Holy Spirit. Many were touched and encountered the tangible presence of God.

The new year has seen a busy start for our partner ministry, United Rescue Alliance (URA). With earthquakes hitting Puerto Rico, URA in connection with Watts of Love, were able to quickly assemble a team to bring relief. Needed supplies were given to survivors that have once again had homes damaged or destroyed due to earthquakes, most not knowing when they would have access to a safe home or electricity again. The team was welcomed warmly as they partnered with the local police, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Puerto Rico Voluntary Organisations Active in Disaster (VOAD), and churches to bring relief. A message of love and hope was given as they visited tent cities and families who had taken refuge in the mountains. Emergency backpacks with hygiene supplies, and over 600 solar lights were distributed and gratefully received. The team was also blessed to provide over 50 people with medical checkups by a doctor who had traveled from Guatemala to serve as a part of the team. We hope the relief efforts and the solar lights will continue to point people to God’s love and light that shines bright, even in the midst of disaster.

In addition to this, building projects are still moving forward in both Guatemala and Bahamas to support the rebuild phases in communities affected by volcanic activity and hurricanes. Tragedies have been hitting hard and fast, but we value putting time and resources to supporting individuals and communities past the emergency phase of relief. It has been incredible to see the impact longer term presence has on those that have survived such horrific trauma. Hope is tangible!

We are so grateful for the finances and resources that have been donated to help us be the hands and feet of Jesus through our generous partners. We invite you to keep praying for our teams, that we would be hope and love to whomever the Lord brings us to serve.