Hurricane Dorian - Grand Bahama Islands (September 2019)


Norman and I wanted to give each of you a quick update for what our team is up to this month. Many of you have seen on the news that the very dangerous Category 5 Hurricane Dorian has ripped through the Grand Bahama islands off the East Coast of North America. Many islands have been flattened and many families are in desperate need in their time of survival.

The eye of this massive storm hovered over these islands for over 18 hours causing 200mph sustained winds, and 225mph wind gusts that completely destroyed homes, businesses, and even medical facilities. The docks and ports have also been destroyed due to the intense storm surge over 15 feet high, and standing water all through the islands due to almost 30 inches of rain in only a few days time. More than 70,000 individuals have been displaced already from this storm and the National Hurricane Center has issued warnings that the hurricane, although weakened, still has the capability of bringing damage to the ENTIRE East coast from Florida to North Carolina, even possibly to New York.

After much prayer and planning, we have activated our team and will be deploying this Month (as soon as next week) to serve in the Grand Bahama Islands. We would appreciate your prayers as we continue to organize and plan that we could truly show love and bring hope to many in desperate need as we practically serve. We know and believe that we are called to shine the light and love of God, in the midst of darkness.

We will keep you updated, and welcome you to pray for us as we mobilize. Dr. Norm and Angel Poorman Executive Director, and CEO Iris Relief

September 2019