Tornado Hits Abilene - May 2019

Thank you to all the supporters, here are just some of the many.

A tornado has hit within the city limits of Abilene for the first time in recorded history. This is the home of our Iris Relief headquarters, and Iris Abilene Camp Barkeley. We have been serving in this community for many years.

We currently serve as members of the emergency management council for Abilene and the surrounding regions, and are networking with multiple organizations and local authorities to bring the greatest impact and help to those in need.

We are praying for all those affected by this horrific incident and are currently in process of assessing needs to respond in the long term recovery phase. We would appreciate your prayers as many lost many of their belongings, and suffered from damage to their homes.

At least 3 homes have been completely destroyed.

If you know of anyone that needs help, they can email us at or dial 211 for assistance.

ABILENE SHOWS UP!! Over 130 structures were affected by this F-2 tornado as it passed through early last Saturday morning.

Over 300 volunteers were trained and deployed in disaster response within 36 hours of the initial impact of the storm.

In 7 days time, over 900 volunteers signed up and showed up to help with the relief efforts removing debris, feeding, cuttings trees, and repairing roofs.

Over 3,700 man hours recorded in immediate efforts.