June 2020


URA, in partnership with Iris Abilene, is also still offering RTF and the Kendall Life Languages program. Both of these programs have been extremely beneficial in the lives of countless individuals. During the COVID-19 global pandemic, healthy communication skills have been vital. Our team has continued to utilize these resources to continue to walk in spiritual freedom and operate with excellence.

Impactful Programs

Life Languages

Life Languages is a wonderful resource for anyone seeking to gain better communication skills. Each individual’s communication is decided based on a personality test and it generates results based on seven communication types: Mover, Doer, Influencer, Responder, Shaper, Producer and Contemplator.

There are so many benefits of learning how each person on a team communicates. It helps each person know how to relay information and ideas efficiently. Knowing how an individual receives and processes information aids in conflict resolution on teams and ensures that everyone is able to work at a higher capacity.   Life Languages is a great tool for business as well as relationships. Countless people who go through the Life Languages sessions expressed that it helped them communicate better with their spouses and children. It helped them reduce conflict because it gave each individual a greater understanding of why people communicate the way they do.

One individual who went through the sessions stated, “Life Languages has given me so much understanding about myself and others. When I read the results from my profile test I felt so free. Where there had been confusion, I had clarity, and I felt free to be me!” This is just one example of the positive impact effective communication can have in understanding yourself and others. It removes the expectations people often set on themselves and each other in relationships and allows people to be themselves.


RTF is an issue focused Christian counseling program in which two coaches will walk you through a persisting issue in your life. According to RTF coach, Aleeza Reece, the purpose of the program is in the name. RTF is meant to help individuals restore the cracks in their emotional or spiritual foundation that may be preventing growth in their lives.

A life of freedom requires spiritual and emotional reflection. RTF can help people accomplish that. It is often difficult for a person to identify the root of an issue on their own, but having a resource and trained coaches to help walk them through it can be very beneficial.

While RTF is great for personal reflection, it is commonly used by businesses to help determine issues that may be preventing success. RTF gives business owners the opportunity to analyze each aspect of the business in order to identify any changes that may need to take place.