July 2020

July has been full of impact at Iris Abilene, Camp Barkeley. This month, we had the opportunity to partner with Warrior Fit Athlete and United Rescue Alliance, to bring an LTC class to Camp Barkeley. Tim Pipes led a practical and informative course that will help equip firearm owners with the necessary safety tips. This was the first class of many tactical training courses to come in the future!

Impactful Programs: Testimonials

“Learning about the 7 Life Languages and our individual orders of use was so helpful for me and my spouse! We found out that many of our breakdowns in communication simply stemmed from misunderstood filter questions rather than an offense. With LL, we both gained knowledge of our own communication needs as well as each other’s. Confusion has been dramatically reduced and we now have a common languages to better understand and speak with each other.”

Filter questions for each of the 7 Life Languages are a key when communicating to others. If you know the right question to answer without it even being asked, you can connect with someone in a way that will completely change the outcome of your interaction with them! There are fun keys to communication like this that you too can learn… “My first hands on experience with Restoring The Foundations (RTF) was at a three day training course to become an Issue Focused Minister. I think what impacted me most was learning how the different focal points work together, and that to really have freedom in an area, you need to address all the focal points identified in this ministry model.” The different focal points are called ‘open doors’ in RTF. This is a great analogy. If you close all the doors to your house but leave one open, your house is really not secure. It is the same if you look at our hearts as one big house with many rooms and many doors, to get the spiritual and emotional breakthrough you may be looking for, there is a systematic way to move forward into freedom.