August 2020

August 20-22, Camp Barkeley hosted an internal retreat for the Iris Abilene and URA teams. This was a great time of vision casting and team building. Patricia Bootsma, a long time friend of both organizations, joined the teams to speak life into our organizations and team members. We are entering this next season with expectant hearts for the Lord's work. Additionally, we are excited to partner with Warrior Fit Athlete for another LTC course on September 19th. These trainings are vital to the mission of preparedness. If you're interested in signing up for this course, please visit for more information! We were blessed to host training for Issue Focused Training this month at the new URA office. This change of location allowed the training to continue as Senior Coach Edna Riley coordinated the training remotely via zoom. A previous trainee commented: “We are all a work in progress. No matter where we are at in the process. God still continues to heal us. Issue Focused Ministry (IFM) allows us the opportunity to go deeper with the Father. I have personally experienced beautiful healing and revelation in my heart. I have also had the privilege of participating in the amazing work the Lord has done in others as an IFM minster. IFM is well worth the effort to get a better understanding of who we are and to walk out of the wrong identity we embrace as a result of adverse experiences. It’s a bold step into a new self worth. I know you will be immensely blessed as you pursue the self-identity God intended for you before you were even born!” If the enemy can taint our identity, or convince us we are someone we are not, we can find ourselves on a completely different path to the one God intended and planned for us. Restoring The Foundations helps people receive healing and deliverance that is needed to see more clearly who we are in Christ and the plans God has for our lives. Life Languages International continues to be a focus for our group as we move forward. Communication is such a key to healthy relationships. “I so appreciate Life Languages because it shows the different ways we communicate with a clear biblical understanding. This understanding has not only helped me recognize how I communicate, but has given me more understanding and strategies for how to communicate more effectively with others.”