November 2020

Restoring the Foundations

“God’s revelation through His Truth leads to healing in RTF sessions. So many gems were received for me to walk away with & they continue as I soak in them. The time invested into RTF multiplied in return!” RTF has been so beneficial as a tool for our teams. Walking into places where a crisis has just occurred is often emotionally and spiritually tasking. With the tools gained in Restoring the Foundations, we can be confident that our teams have the resources and knowledge necessary to bring freedom into places of despair.

Life Languages International

“As our trainer explained the details of each Life Language, my mind was seeing the value of learning this well and the many ways to apply it in our ministry. All of us need to continue to grow in our communication skills.” When you start to consider just how many people we communicate with in a day, a week, a month, it becomes very clear how effective communication is essential. The 7 Life Languages continue to assist our teams in maintaining effective communication. Whether we are on the field or working administratively, communication is